Railway Paths

About Railway Paths

Railway Paths’ charitable objectives are:

  • The provision for the benefit of the public of routes, roads and paths suitable for cycling, walking, horseriding and wheel-chair use;
  • The provision of recreational facilities for the public in the interests of social welfare;
  • The preservation, restoration, maintenance and protection for the public benefit of such of the structures, buildings, plant and equipment on any land which may at any time be vested in the Company or in respect of which the Company may have an interest as are of historic, cultural, architectural, constructional or scientific interest;
  • The advancement of public education in the subjects of environmentally friendly transport systems, the protection of the environment and the conservation of energy resources; and
  • The support promotion and encouragement of the charitable activities of Sustrans Ltd (registered charity number 326550).

Railway Paths owns more than 180 properties throughout Britain.  Most of these are sections of former railway land acquired from BRB (Residuary) Limited.  In addition to land, these properties include over 800 structures, ranging from small culverts and retaining walls to large bridges, tunnels and viaducts.  We employ a small team of chartered surveyors and engineers to ensure that the properties and structures are managed effectively.

Railway Paths does not construct paths itself, but makes its land available through sale or lease to third parties, including its sister charity Sustrans and local authorities.

Our activities are funded by generating income from the property portfolio and we welcome enquiries to purchase, lease or develop land which is not required for a path.

A list of traffic-free cycle and walking routes can be found on Sustrans Ltd’s website. Click on any link to view a map of the route and more information. Please note, not all of the routes built on disused railway lines are in the ownership of Railway Paths Ltd.